Delighted you a demo!

An advisor will call you to arrange a visit to your hotel

The keys to your hotel, at a glance

HAWG is an easy and intuitive wizard that will inform you every day how's your hotel from your reservations, your accounting and your reputation

All your data in one place

HAWG will facilitate decision-making by showing the key data of your hotel


We integrate data revenue, whatever your PMS



We review what your customers say about you in Booking and TripAdvisor

Hawg desktop


Find out how to get more performance from your computer


For the cost-effectiveness of, reservations from your website, they must be controlled to the millimeter

other integrations

We integrate data relevant to your hotel, wherever they come


Daily validations

We are aware that the data will be used to make decisions and therefore the data in Hawg is always correct . To do this, each morning our team verifies the reports so that reliability and accuracy are maximum .

Flexible & Personalizable

To your measure

Each hotel has its own characteristics and are aware of it. You want to show a different KPI? Do you need to integrate data from other sources? Would you change some graphic? No problem, HAWG team is ready for what you need


Protect your data

Our technical team works constantly to ensure the integrity of the data . Secure protocols are used in all processes. Our infrastructure provides each client with a private environment managed by us.

Still you are going blind?

You choose how to drive your hotel ...

Can you imagine pilot a plane or a car without indicators or visual alerts? Do you imagine to see speed you had to preguntársela someone every time? NO right? Then why well you run your hotel?

Take control!

HAWG helps you in making daily decisions in managing the hotel. For this panel gives you easy, intuitive control and an early warning system that monitors any KPI for you breathe quiet



from anywhere

Do not expect to receive an excel responsible with production yesterday. Access when you do well from any dispositvo you have on hand


Chrome iPad

Meet our team

Jordi berenguer

Director de ventas & Director Finanzas

Ruben Monjo

Consejero Ejecutivo

Marçal Panareda

Director Técnico

Cristian Monjo

Director General & Jefe de Producto

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