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Will it be integrated with my accounting system?

We integrate with any accounting system, since we integrate standard daily reports that any software generates.

What happens if our hotel chain has more than one PMS?

No problem, our unified system of integrations allows us to work with several PMS and consolidate the data between them.

What happens if I need a report that you do not currently have?

We are aware that each chain and even each hotel may have very different needs. That's why in our DNA is the personalization of each report screen.

What happens if our way of calculating a KPI is different or, for example, we use more than one different ADR?

The KPIs can be calculated in a personalized way for each hotel chain and even for each hotel.

Can you change the order of the KPIS?

Of course, all our software is ready to be adapted to each hotel chain.

Will I need to install some software on my computer or on my servers?

No, our tool is hosted in our server infrastructure, which allows us to maintain the integrity and security of the data. You will only need a web browser that allows you to access your HAWG.

Do I need technical knowledge to use HAWG BI?

No, our app is designed for hotel managers. The only thing you should know is your own hotel; )

Do you comply with HAWG BI with GDPR as Data Processing Manager?

Yes, HAWG BI with its infrastructure in AWS complies with the regulations derived from the figure of the person in charge of the treatment of low risk data.

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